cookie policy

please read this cookie policy carefully as it contains important information how we use cookies on the website. this policy should be read together with our privacy policy which sets out how and why we collect, store, use and share personal information generally, as well as your rights in relation to your personal information and details of how to contact us and supervisory authorities if you have a complaint.

technologies on our website

cookies and local storage

we use cookies to make our website as user-friendly and functional as possible for you. some of these cookies are stored on the device you use to access the site. 

cookies are small packages of data that are exchanged between your browser and our web server whenever you visit our website. they do not cause any damage and are used solely to recognise website visitors. cookies can only store information provided by your browser, e.g. information that you have entered into your browser or that is available on the website. cookies cannot execute code and cannot be used to access your terminal device. 

the next time you access our website using the same device, the information stored in the cookies can then either be sent back to us (“first-party cookie”) or to a web application of third party to whom the cookie belongs (“third-party cookie”).  the information that is stored and sent back allows each web application to recognise that you have already accessed and visited the website using the browser on your device. 

cookies contain the following information:

  • cookie name
  • name of the server from which the cookie originates
  • cookie id number
  • an expiry date, after which the cookie will be automatically deleted

we classify cookies in the following categories depending on their purpose and function:  

  • technically necessary cookies, to ensure the technical operation and basic functions of our website. these types of cookies are used, for example, to maintain your settings while you navigate our website; or they can ensure that important information is retained throughout the session (e.g. login, shopping cart). 
  • analytical cookies, to understand how visitors interact with our website by collecting and analysing information on an anonymous basis only. in this way we gain valuable insights to optimize both the website and our products and services. 
  • marketing cookies, to provide targeted promotional and marketing activities for users on our website.
  • unclassified cookies are cookies that we are trying to classify together with individual cookie providers.

depending on the storage period, we also divide cookies into session and persistent cookies. session cookies store information that is used during your current browser session. these cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. no information remains on your device. persistent cookies store information between two visits to the website. based on this information, you will be recognized as a returning visitor on your next visit and the website will react accordingly. the lifespan of a persistent cookie is determined by the provider of the cookie.

the legal basis for using technically necessary cookies is our legitimate interest in the technically fault-free operation and smooth functionality of our website as described in art. 6 paragraph 1 lit. f of the gdpr. the use of analytical and marketing cookies is subject to your consent, in accordance with art. 6 paragraph 1 lit. a of the gdpr.  you can withdraw your consent for the future use of cookies at any time in accordance with art. 7 paragraph 3 of the gdpr.  your consent is voluntary. if consent is not given, no disadvantages arise. for more information about the cookies we actually use (specifically, their purpose and lifespan), refer to this privacy policy and to the information in our cookie banner about the cookies we use.

you can also set your web browser so that it does not store any cookies in general on your device or so that you will be asked each time you visit the site whether you accept the use of cookies. cookies that have already been stored can be deleted at any time. refer to the help section of your browser to learn how to do this. 

please note that a general deactivation of cookies may lead to functional restrictions on our website. 

on our website, we also use so-called local storage functions (also called "local data"). this means that data is stored locally in the cache of your browser, which continues to exist and can be read even after you close the browser - as long as you do not delete the cache or data is stored within the session storage. 

third parties cannot access the data stored in the local storage. if special plug-ins or tools use the local storage functions, you are informed within the description of the respective plug-in or tool. 

if you do not wish plug-ins or tools to use local storage functions, you can control this in the settings of your respective browser. we would like to point out that this may result in functional restrictions.

google fonts

purpose: external media 

recipient country: usa

to display fonts consistently, our website uses web fonts which are provided by google. google fonts is a service of google ireland limited, gordon house, barrow street, dublin 4, ireland ("google"). 

attention: within the scope of this service, data is transferred to the us or such a transfer cannot be excluded.

to display web fonts, the web browser you use must connect with a google server. this informs google that our website is being accessed via your ip address. the ip address from the browser of the device you are using to access our site is also stored by google. if your browser does not support web fonts, your device will display the site using a standard font type. with each google font request, your ip address is automatically transferred to a google server along with information such as your language preferences, display resolution, version and name of your browser. the usage data collected by google enables them to determine the popularity of specific font types. google publishes these findings on internal analytics sites (e.g. google analytics).

google fonts enables us to use fonts on our own website without uploading them to our server. google fonts is an important building block for maintaining the high quality of our website. all google fonts are automatically optimised for the web. this reduces the data volume and is particularly advantageous for use on mobile devices. when you visit our site, the low file size allows for quicker loading times. furthermore, google fonts are secure web fonts that support all major browsers.  

google stores requests for css assets for one day on its servers. this enables us to use the fonts with the support of a google style sheet. the font files are stored by google for one year. to delete data prematurely, you must contact google support (

your data will only be processed with your express consent pursuant to art 6 paragraph 1 lit a gdpr.

you can find out exactly where google data centres are located here:

for more information about google fonts, refer to and the google privacy policy:

the data processing terms and conditions for google products and the standard contractual clauses for data transfers to third countries can be found at


on our website, the service leadfeeder of the provider liidio oy / leadfeeder, mikonkatu 17 c, 00100 helsinki, finland is used to generate leads simultaneously with google analytics.

leadfeeder accesses the list of website visitors' ip addresses provided by google analytics in the evaluation and links the list of ip addresses with information about the companies that can be found on the internet under these ip addresses. due to the shortening of the ip addresses of the website visitors already carried out within the scope of google analytics, a direct personal reference is not established. only company visitors can be assumed.

the processing of your data within the scope of this service is based on your consent in accordance with art 6 paragraph 1 lit a gdpr. you can revoke this consent at any time with effect for the future.

furthermore, you can prevent leadfeeder from storing a user profile or data about your use of our website by means of an opt-out. you can find the option and information on this at:

for more information about leadfeeder and the data collected, please see:

for information on leadfeeder and compliance with the gdpr, please visit: /1521996-is-leadfeeder-ready-for-gdpr.

server log files

for technical reasons, particularly to ensure a functioning and secure website, we process the technically necessary data about accesses to our website in so-called server log files which your browser automatically sends to us. 

the access data we process includes:

  • the name of the website you are accessing  
  • the browser type (including version) you use
  • the operating system you use
  • the site you visited before  accessing our site (referrer url)
  • the time of your server request
  • the amount of data transferred
  • the host name of computer (ip address) you are using to access the site

this data cannot be traced back to any natural person and is used solely to perform statistical analyses and to operate and improve our website while also optimising our site and keeping it secure. this data is sent exclusively to our website operator. the data is neither connected nor aggregated with other data sources. in case of suspicion of unlawful use of our website, we reserve the right to examine the data retroactively. this data processing takes place on the legal grounds of our legitimate interest in maintaining a technically fault-free and optimal website, as described under art. 6 paragraph 1 lit. f of the gdpr.

the access data is deleted within a short period of time after serving its purpose (usually within a few days) unless further storage is required for evidence purposes. in such cases, the data is stored until the incident is definitively resolved.

ssl encryption

within your visit to our website, we use the widespread ssl procedure (secure socket layer) in conjunction with the highest level of encryption supported by your browser. you can tell whether an individual page of our website is transmitted in encrypted form by the closed representation of the key or lock symbol in the lower status bar of your browser. we use this encryption procedure on the basis of our justified interest in the use of suitable encryption techniques in accordance with art. 6 paragraph 1 lit. f gdpr.

we also make use of suitable technical and organisational security measures in accordance with art. 32 gdpr to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, partial or complete loss, destruction or against unauthorised access by third parties. our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological developments and kept state-of-the-art.


in order to obtain consent for the use of cookies on our website in accordance with data protection regulations, we use the consent banner of datareporter webcare. this is a service provided by datareporter gmbh, zeileisstraße 6, 4600 wels, austria ("datareporter"). more information about this company can be found at the consent banner records and stores the consent to cookie use for the respective user of our website. our consent banner ensures that statistical and marketing cookies are only set when the user has given his express consent to their use. 

we store information on the extent to which the user has confirmed the use of cookies. the user's decision can be revoked at any time by calling up the setting for cookies and managing the declaration of consent. existing cookies will be deleted after revocation of the consent. a cookie is also set to store information on the status of the user's consent, which is indicated in the cookie details. furthermore, the ip address of the respective user is transmitted to datareporter's server for calling this service. the ip address is neither stored nor associated with any other data of the user, it is only used for the correct execution of the service. the use of the above data is therefore based on our legitimate interest in the legally compliant design of our website in accordance with art. 6 paragraph 1 lit. f gdpr.

further information can be found in the datareporter data protection declaration at /privacystatement.html please feel free to send your enquiries about this service to

webcare consent conserve

on our website, we have activated the webcare consent conserve function. the provider of this service is datareporter gmbh, zeileisstraße 6, 4600 wels, austria ("datareporter").

the webcare consent conserve function enables us both to prove the consent of users of our website via our consent banner and to make the users' personal consent history transparent and traceable. 

this function generates a unique consent id for each user and records every action concerning consent or revocation via our consent banner in connection with the consent id. the history of the user's decisions is stored in a protected memory area and can be viewed by the user at any time. for us as the website operator, an assignment of a history to a specific person can only take place after knowledge of the respective consent id.

each action via the consent banner of a user is stored for 60 days and then automatically deleted. the storage location for the consent id is frankfurt / germany (eu). no logs are kept on the server that store the ip or other personal data, except for the consent id and the data on the actions.

the use of this function is due to our documentation and accountability obligations according to art 5 gdpr. we assume that these obligations to provide evidence regarding the consent of data subjects will also be strengthened in view of the expected eprivacy regulation in the online sector.

more information on this function can be found in the provider's help section at: /webcare/webcare_consent_conserve/.

further information on data protection can be found at:

webcare statistics

we have activated the webcare statistics function on our website. the provider of this service is datareporter gmbh, zeileisstraße 6, 4600 wels, austria ("datareporter").

the webcare statistics function enables us to anonymously record the interactions of the users of our website with our consent banner. the statistics only record whether the consent banner was opened and which actions were carried out (purposes of consent, revocation). only statistical data and no activities related to the specific user are stored. the visitor's ip address is only used for the purpose of the connection and is completely deleted after the connection is terminated.

the use of the webcare statistics function is based on our legitimate interest in reviewing the performance of our consent banner and the related user-friendliness and accessibility of our online offer.

the statistical data is stored for 30 days, older data is automatically deleted.

you can find more information about this function in the provider's help section at: /webcare/webcare_consent_statistic/.

further information on data protection can be found at:

about cookies

cookies are small data packages that are exchanged between your browser and our web server. cookies can only store information provided by your browser.

depending on the intended use, cookies are either technically necessary or are used for statistical or marketing purposes. the use of technically required cookies is based on our legitimate interest in the technically correct operation and smooth functionality of our website. the use of statistics and marketing cookies requires your consent. this is voluntary and can be revoked at any time for the future by calling up our cookie settings.

you can also set your browser to generally prevent the storage of cookies. once cookies have been set, you can delete them at any time. how all this works in details can be found in the help function of your browser. please note that a general deactivation of cookies may lead to functional restrictions on our website.

you can find more detailed information on what data is stored in cookies, for what purposes they are used and for how long data is stored in our data protection declaration and in our cookie banner.


technically necessary cookies are used to enable the technical operation of a website and make it functional for you. the use is based on our legitimate interest to provide a technically flawless website. however, you can generally disable the use of cookies in your browser.

surname purpose creator storage time domain


contains the information to what extent the user has confirmed the use of cookies.

datareporter gmbh 12 months


contains the information to what extent the user has confirmed the use of datareporter cookies.

datareporter gmbh 12 months



analytical cookies collect information about how websites are used to improve their attractiveness, content and functionality. a use takes place only with your consent and only as long as you have not deactivated the respective cookie.

surname purpose creator storage time domain


contains information to help distinguish users from the page. gathers data about user visits, such as which pages are relevant.

leadfeeder 2 years



marketing cookies come from external advertising companies and are used to collect information about the websites visited by the user. a use takes place only with your consent and only as long as you have not deactivated the respective cookie.

surname purpose creator storage time domain


registers a unique id that identifies and recognizes the user. used for targeted advertising.

google 6 months